DirectOutput framework R2 for virtual pinball cabinets.
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNB2SServerPluginDirectOutputPlugin is the namespace of the Dll implementing the actual plugin interface for the B2S Server.
|\CPluginPlugin is the IDirectPlugin interface implementation required by the B2S Server.
|oNCabThe namespace DirectOutput.Cab contains all cabinet related classes like the Cabinet class itself, classes for output controllers like the LEDWiz as well as toy classes representing the toys in the cabinet
||oNOutDirectOutput.Cab.Out is the namespace for all output controller related classes like different output controller classes (all implementing IOutputController).
||oNToysThe namespace DirectOutput.Cab.Toys contains all toy related classes.
||oCCabinetThe Cabinet object describes the parts of a pinball cabinet (toys, outputcontrollers, outputs and more).
||\CCabinetOutputListReadonly list containing all IOutput objects of all IOutputController objects in a cabinet.
|oNFXThe namespace FX contains effect related classes.
Effects can be assigned directly to a Table and will be triggered when the Table is stated or the can be assigned to TableElement objects and will be triggered whenever the value of a TableElement changes.
AssignedEffects are triggered by the Table resp. the TableElement objects of the table.
||oNAnalogToyFXNamespace for effects controlling AnalogToy objects.
||oNConditionFXNamespace for effects which trigger target effects based on conditions.
||oNListFXThe DirectOutput.FX.ListFX namepsace contains the classes for the ListEffect.
||oNMatrixFXEffects in this namespace are controlling toys which implement the IMatrix interface
||oNNullFXThis namespace does only contain the NullEffect.
||oNRGBAFXThis namespace contains effects which deal with RGBA toys. /summary>
||oNTimmedFXNamespace for timmed effects (e.g. delay, duration)
||oNValueFXEffects which influence the trigger value, before a target effect is called.
||oCAssignedEffectHandles the assignemt of a effect to a AssignedEffectList.
||oCAssignedEffectListList of effects which are assigned to some other object.
||oCEffectBaseAbstract base class for IEffect objects.
This class inherits NamedItemBase and implements IEffect.
||oCEffectEffectBaseBase class for effects targeting another effect.
||oCEffectEventArgsThe EffectEventArgs class is used for events triggered by IEffect objects
||oCBeforeEffectNameChangeAventArgsEventArgs for the BeforeEffectNameChanged event
||oCEffectListCollection of IEffect objects. Every object can only exist once in the list and every objects needs to have a unique name.
||\CIEffectCommon interface for all effects.
If a new effect is implemented it is best to inherit from the abstract class Effect which does also inherit IEffect.
All classes inheriting IEffect must be XMLSerializeable.
|oNGeneralThe namespace DirectOutput.General contains classes for general use.
||oCCurveRepresents a curve which can be used to map values (e.g. adjust a brighnetss value of a led to the brightness perception of the human eye).
||oCFilePatternA file pattern class used to lookup files matching a specified pattern.
||oCFilePatternListA list of file patterns.
||oCKernel32ImportsThis class contains import of the kernel32.dll
||oCThreadInfoThis object provides information on a thread.
||oCThreadInfoListList of ThreadInfo objects.
This class is used by DOF for thread monitoring
||\CTypeListList for Type objects.
||\CGlobalConfigGlobal configuration for the DirectOutput framework.
||oNLoaderThe DirectOutput.LedControl namespace contains the classes to read and understand the classical LedControl.ini files.
I hope the code in this area works correctly. After all there was a lot of guess work required when implementing these classes.
|oNPinballSupportSupport classes used by the Pinball object.
||oCAlarmHandlerThe AlarmHandler classed is used to execute scheduled events (e.g. regular updates on a effect) in the framework.
Two types of alarms/scheduled events exist:
||\CInputQueueSimple queue of TableElementData objects.
Used by the framework to separate data receiving and data processing.
|oNTableThe Table namespace contains all table specific classes like the Table class itself, TableElement and effect assigment classes.
||oCTableHolds all table specific information and handles all TableElements
||oCTableElementRepresents a element (e.g. Switch, Solenoid) of a pinball table
||oCTableElementDataData representing the state of a table emlement
||oCTableElementListList of TableElement objects.
||\CTableElementValueChangedEventArgsEventArgs object for TableElementValueChanged events.
|oCLogA simple logger used to record important events and exceptions.
|\CPinballPinball is the main object of the DirectOutput framework.
It holds all objects required to process Pinmame data, trigger the necessary effects and update toys and output controllers.
oNLedControlFileTesterNamespace for the LedControlFileTester application.
|\CLedControlFileTestWizardThis is the main form of the LedControlFileTester application.
It contains all functionality of the tester.