DirectOutput framework R2 for virtual pinball cabinets.
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Here are the packages with brief descriptions (if available):
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oNB2SServerPluginDirectOutputPlugin is the namespace of the Dll implementing the actual plugin interface for the B2S Server.
|oNCabThe namespace DirectOutput.Cab contains all cabinet related classes like the Cabinet class itself, classes for output controllers like the LEDWiz as well as toy classes representing the toys in the cabinet
||oNOutDirectOutput.Cab.Out is the namespace for all output controller related classes like different output controller classes (all implementing IOutputController).
|||oNAdressableLedStripNamespace for output controllers which can controll addressable/inteligent led strips.
|||oNDMXThe namespace DMX contains the implementations of OutputControllers supporting DMX controlled light effects.
Information on DMX can be found on
||||\NArtnetEngineThe classes in this namespace are implementing the ArtNet engine used for DMX support.
The code of the ArtNet classes in this namespace is based on eDMX.Net hosted on
|||oNFTDIChipNamespace for the FTD2XX_NET class (used for communication with FTDI chips and for generic FTDI chip output controllers.
|||oNLWThe namespace DirectOutput.Cab.Out.LW contains the classes for LedWiz output controllers.
|||oNNullOutputControllerThis namespace contains a outputcontroller implementaion which isnt doing anything.
|||\NPacThis namespace contains the classes for the integration of the Ultimarc products PacDrive and PacLed64.
||\NToysThe namespace DirectOutput.Cab.Toys contains all toy related classes.
|| oNHardwareNamespace for hardware specific toy classes (e.g. gear motors)
|| oNLayerNamespace for objects dealing with layers
|| oNLWEquivalent
|| \NVirtual
|oNFXThe namespace FX contains effect related classes.
Effects can be assigned directly to a Table and will be triggered when the Table is stated or the can be assigned to TableElement objects and will be triggered whenever the value of a TableElement changes.
AssignedEffects are triggered by the Table resp. the TableElement objects of the table.
||oNAnalogToyFXNamespace for effects controlling AnalogToy objects.
||oNConditionFXNamespace for effects which trigger target effects based on conditions.
||oNListFXThe DirectOutput.FX.ListFX namepsace contains the classes for the ListEffect.
||oNMatrixFXEffects in this namespace are controlling toys which implement the IMatrix interface
||oNNullFXThis namespace does only contain the NullEffect.
||oNRGBAFXThis namespace contains effects which deal with RGBA toys. /summary>
||oNTimmedFXNamespace for timmed effects (e.g. delay, duration)
||\NValueFXEffects which influence the trigger value, before a target effect is called.
|oNGeneralThe namespace DirectOutput.General contains classes for general use.
||oNLoaderThe DirectOutput.LedControl namespace contains the classes to read and understand the classical LedControl.ini files.
I hope the code in this area works correctly. After all there was a lot of guess work required when implementing these classes.
|oNPinballSupportSupport classes used by the Pinball object.
|\NTableThe Table namespace contains all table specific classes like the Table class itself, TableElement and effect assigment classes.
oNLedControlFileTesterNamespace for the LedControlFileTester application.