DirectOutput framework R2 for virtual pinball cabinets.
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Welcome to the DirectOutput framework R2 for virtual pinball cabinets

This software has been designed to control hardware which is connected to a computer. This means that there is always a risk that something goes wrong and that your hardware or something else gets damaged. You use this software at your own risk! Dont blame me if your boards go up in smoke, your house burns down or something or someone else gets damaged. You have been warned!
Please take note that this documentation is not yet complete (will probably never be) and that some parts of it might change in the future.

This is the documentation for the second release (R2) of the Direct Output framework which has been released in july 2014. Check the History for the list of changes in R2. This software will help you to connect all kinds of fun gadgets which you might have connected to your virtual pinball cabinet.

For a start, here is a small video showing some of the possibilities of the Direct Output framework.

The key features of the DirectOutput framework are:

If you are new to the DirectOutput framework the pages on installation and tableconfig are a good starting point. If you want to know what hardware you can connect to your system have a look at the Builtin Outputcontrollers and the "Builtin Toys" pages.

Enjoy (virtual) pinball and keep pinball alive!